Spring Breakfast Recipes and Creating Content from Flow

Hey everyone.

Today I have a free E-Book to share with you.

I made it a few years ago and it features 7 wholefood breakfast recipes which are especially suitable for spring. I've just made the chocolate hazelnut granola again and it's so good. 😋

So if you are looking for some inspiration click the link below to download your own copy.

Spring Time Breakfast Menu.pdf

Last week I recorded another podcast episode and turned it into a blog post. I was thinking about having a content calendar for my blog and podcast but decided to create content from flow rather than planning it beforehand.

So far I've been enjoying this intuitive approach much more than having everything planned out. How about you? Do you prefer planning or "flowing", or a bit of both?

You can let me know by replying to this email if you want. I'd love to hear from you.

Then I recorded another episode which was super intuitive, hence the name "A Sunday Ramble with Birds in the Background". :) It was fun. It feels like audio journalling.

I talk about how having a playful attitude when approaching business (and life in general) can help you get unblocked, a few thoughts on neurodiversity and taking daily walks.

And just to balance it out with a bit of planning again, here's a link to my mini-workshop "Eating with the Seasons" if you want to get organized with healthy eating and meal planning for the next few months.

Thank you for reading and being one of my subscribers.

Over the last few weeks I have been getting more and more into a rhythm with publishing episodes, blog posts and this newsletter. I'm also getting clearer about the topics I want to write and talk about (self-care, building a creative online business, seasonal crafts and recipes).

So if you feel at any stage that it's not the right content for you anymore, you can unsubscribe below. No hard feelings. :) I know how overwhelming too many emails in your inbox can be.

In case you are staying: thank you! I appreciate every one of you. ♥️

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